5 Best Spotting Scopes In 2020

Spotting scopes are a much better option than binoculars because they provide greater magnification in higher quality. Are you more of nature, wildlife or bird observation enthusiast, or are you more interested in observing the vastness of the night sky and look more into stars and planets? How much is your budget for the spotting scope?

Praktica Hydan 20-60×60:

This spotting scope will not cost you a fortune. It is sure to fit in your budget and also packs a punch. This Praktica spotting scope provides clarity, comfort, and great performance in various viewing scenarios. It has a large objective lens of 60 mm and a very impressive reach. It claims to provide high contrast images in less light conditions as well.

Bushnell Sentry 18-36×50:

This sleek spotting scope is also an affordable one and contains a straight eyepiece. It is waterproof; it comes with a proper O-ring optics that keep the interior completely dry even if the spotting scope is fully submerged in water. Multi-coating ensures great optical performance and avoids reflections to provide high-contrast, bright images. It is lightweight even with all the waterproof mechanics.

Celestron Hummingbird 9-27×56 ED:

As the name suggests, this spotting scope is small, lightweight and mobile. It’s can easily fit inside a shoulder bag or rucksack, or even a large jacket pocket. It can easily be substituted as a binocular due to its lowest 9x magnification level. It does not fit due to its nitrogen filling. It is small enough to be held by hand but can also be adapted to mount on a tripod, monopod or window mount, adding to its versatility. This spotting scope is also great for digiscoping.

Pentax PF-80 EDA 80mm:

It has great all-rounder to help view a wide range of subjects. The scope has a waterproof construction and is armoured. It comes with a large objective lens, and an eyepiece is required for better user experience. This spotting scope is relatively more expensive.

Celestron Regal M2 65ED:

This is a great spotting scope for leisurely bird watching or watching stars at night time. It is lightweight and can be carried around comfortably. Its dual focus technology can allow users to focus on an object twice as fast with this new model of the spotting scope. A camera can be attached to this scope with a T-adapter ring, and it has an extra-low dispersion glass that is usually available in high-end cameras.

Considering your needs, here are some of the best spotting scopes in 2020. Make your best buy today!