A plethora of bed options for your feline friend

Cats love sleeping, and nothing attracts them more than a cozy place to snuggle in. There is no dearth of owners who like to sleep with their pet cats in their beds. However, getting a separate cozy cat bed for your feline family member is also a good option. The cat bed becomes a special place belonging to the kitty where she can sleep or laze around. you love to best washable cat bed

There are many innovative types of cat beds which are popular among cat owners. Some of them have been discussed here.

Igloo cat bed

Igloo cat bed is enclosed on the top and resembles a house with a roof. The cat feels secure in the enclosed cave-like space. The interior is usually lined with wool while a spongy cushion forms the floor. Igloo cat beds are available in many sizes suited for both full-grown cats as well as kittens. High-quality igloo cat beds are made of superior quality wool, which keeps the cat warm in winter and cool during summer months.

Cardboard cat bed

Cats often like to sleep in cardboard boxes. Keeping this in mind, cardboard cat beds were designed. The cardboard cat beds come in a plethora of eye-catching designs, including replicas of famous buildings of the world.

Basket cat bed

The basket cat bed is a handwoven wicker basket made of a natural material. The basket cat beds are usually lined with foam and plush fabric to provide the utmost comfort to the cats. A basket cat bed can also have a spongy polyfill mattress over which pet blanket can be kept to make a warm and cozy bed for the cat.

Window cat bed

Window cat bed has suction caps, which enables it to get fixed to the window. This type of cat bed enables the kitty to lie down and watch the outside world while drifting off to sleep. Window cat beds are particularly suited for cats that do not like to stay cooped in the house and are more interested in the happenings outside the house.

Windowsill cat bed

The purpose of a windowsill cat bed is the same as that of a window cat bed i.e., enable the cat to view the outside world. However, there is a difference between the two kinds of beds. A windowsill cat bed is a mat that is placed on the windowsill, thereby turning the cold windowsill into a cozy spot. The mat is made of the foam pad and has an outer cover that is removable for washing.

Round cat bed

Round shaped cat has high walls with a central fluffy cushion. One part of the walls are low enough to allow entry and exit for the cat. The bed is made of fleece or velvet to make it very soft and comfortable for the cat. Round cat beds are usually waterproof.

Final Word

It is essential to choose a cat bed made of natural materials such as feathers, cotton, or wool to ensure that the cat is protected against allergy. The cat bed should also be easily washable because it is necessary to wash the cat bed regularly to eliminate bacteria, fur, and fleas from it.