Choosing correct study materials for clearing AP examination

AP stands for Advanced Placement. It is a program run by the College Board in the United States and Canada for high school students. The program culminates in an examination. Students preparing for AP examinations need to study college-level courses. The benefit of cracking examination is that the student earns university credit, gets preference in college admissions, and can even be exempted from introductory coursework and directly placed in a higher course depending upon the AP score. Scholarships are also awarded to successful students based on their AP scores. Overall, there are 38 subjects covered under the AP course. AP examinations are held every year in May. The scores are declared in July.

Scoring pattern

Scoring in AP examination is on a scale of 1 to 5. To receive college credit, it is necessary to score 3 or more. Many colleges exempt students scoring 4 or more in the examination from the basic course, which saves time and tuition fees. The meaning of each score has been listed here.

  • 1- No recommendation
  • 2- Possibly Qualified
  • 3- Qualified
  • 4- Well Qualified
  • 5- Extremely Well Qualified

Exam pattern

AP examination consists of two sections. The first section is made of multiple-choice questions. The second section is the free-response section. The total time allotted for the examination depends upon the subject. Earlier, there used to be negative marking, which has now been abolished.

Study material

The kinds of AP Book you require depends upon the subject you have selected for taking the AP examination. There are many high-quality AP books for various subjects available in the market which are tailored to suit the requirements of AP examination. Apart from conventional books, extensive online study materials are also available, which can be downloaded from various websites. Apart from course textbooks, practice test books containing practice examinations are also essential. The practice tests have detailed answers and explanations for every question. The major benefit of practice exams is that they help the students are assessing their progress and their pace of solving questions in an exam setting. Practise tests also help students in getting familiar with the exam pattern and the types of questions expected in the examination. Many AP books also come with online tests and many other online preparation tools.

There are multiple AP books written by experts in various fields under the banner of many famous publishers. However, it is better to read reviews of various books before deciding to pick a particular AP Book. This is not a tough undertaking because there are multiple AP book review sources available online. One can also easily get lists of the best AP books based on reviews by subject experts on the internet. like here you find the Chemistry AP Books

It is also important to ensure that the AP book covers the entire syllabus and is up to date with the curriculum. A simple way is to visit the College Board AP website for the syllabus of any subject and tally it with the content covered in the book.