Choosing the Perfect Patio Umbrella for Your Yard

Certain areas of your backyard or garden might not have overhead roofs or any shelter at all. For such spots, a patio umbrella can offer a convenient solution! Not only will it provide shade exactly at the place you need it to, but also add a pop of colour to your backyard and bring in a touch of quirky style with it. Outdoor patio umbrellas are usually anywhere between 5 feet to 11 feet in diameter and stand on top of a pole which is usually placed inside the hole of an outdoor table. The patio umbrella can also stand on its own with the help of a heavily weighted base. There is a crank located at the top of the umbrella pole, and it can be used to adjust its canopy.

Landscape assessment before buying a patio umbrella:

Shopping for a patio umbrella can seem simple, but there are a few points to keep in mind. Assess your landscape beforehand- everything, from your garden to the plants that grow on the ground or in pots. If your umbrella is supposed to provide cover and shade to a patio table, then make sure to measure the table so that the umbrella can cover it entirely, especially if the table is a big one that accommodates six or eight people around it. Similarly, if you have a small table, then you don’t want to go for an umbrella that will overpower it.
Make sure that your umbrella is not so high that it touches the roof of the house or the outdoor shelter. Another point to keep in mind is that your patio umbrella should be a considerable distance away from your grill or outdoor kitchen.

Types of patio umbrellas:

You should be well acquainted of the types of umbrellas you can purchase for your yard.
Sunshades are shaped like a round disc mounted on a pole and are intended to provide shade for one person. They are usually seen at high-end hotels or pool sides.
Market umbrellas have winter tops and are octagonal in shape. They are the most popular kind of high-quality umbrellas, generally seen at the outdoor seating areas of cafes.
Asian designs and parasol styles inspireĀ  pagoda style umbrellas. They have architectural shapes that resemble Japanese pagodas.

Others kinds of patio umbrellas are Cantilever, Logo umbrellas that endorse a certain brand, and Commercial grade umbrellas like ones seen at restaurants or outdoor venues that need sturdy outdoor furniture.