How to find the best golf rangefinders

Golfing is one of the activities that many people enjoy. The success of the game is dependent on the measurement of accurate distance. Though it is a fun game, it’s quite hard to learn, but through continuous practice, it can be mastered. But to measure the distance of your target manually, it is next to impossible. So there’s where golf rangefinders come into the picture to measure the correct distance.

Before investing in a good golf rangefinder, you first need to know the types and the factors that need consideration which is discussed below.


The two types of golf rangefinders that are preferred by golfers are laser and GPS.

  1. The laser type is designed with a ‘binocular’ feature. This device employs a laser beam to measure the distance to any point on the course. Also, the usage of this device is more comfortable because it gives the distance within a few seconds.
  2. The GPS type is more complicated than the first one because it requires golf course maps to function properly. This type is highly expensive, and it employs a computer system to calculate the accurate distance to the target.

Factors for consideration to find the ‘best.’

  1. Budget

Your budget is the main factor because unlike golf shoes, a golf rangefinder is not a must device. So if you want to buy this device, select a model with good durability at a reasonable price.

  1. Features

For the first type, it has extreme accuracy within a yard and flexibility in any golf course. Also, no unnecessary computer hook-ups, no membership fees and no subscription plans are required.

However, some demerits of the laser rangefinder are also present. To use this efficiently, you need to have your hands steady since the laser is accurately aimed at the target. But this can be achieved by practice. And another drawback is that you cannot measure if you cannot see because of physical obstacles.

On the other hand, for the GPS type, there are many features present. The distance can be calculated virtually on all sides. Physical obstacles do not interfere with its working.

On the downside, they are less accurate than their laser counterparts. Other charges like subscription fees for golf course maps are also made for measurements.

Buying the best golf rangefinder will entirely depend on the feature that you are looking for and what you need it to do. Another factor is the purpose, whether you are buying this device for a tournament play or only for practice. In conclusion, to find the best golf rangefinder, you need to assess your needs and do thorough research before investing in it.