Top-rated spin mops in India

It is necessary to keep your house clean and hygienic. To this end, regularly mopping the floor using a normal mop and cleaning agent is required. This is the conventional way of mopping the floor, which is a physically demanding task. However, with the advent of spinning mops, the task has become much easier. A spin mop has a handle which can be adjusted as per your height. The mop fixes on the handle. The spin mops come with buckets which usually have wheels for easy movement. The spin mop can easily access hard to reach areas and are suited for both dry and wet cleaning.

Some of the best kinds of Spin mop in India are as follows

Gala Spin Mop 

Gala spin mop is manufactured in India as per the requirements of Indian consumers. The spin mop is made of cotton microfibers which makes it highly absorbent. The 360-degree cleaning feature of the spin mop enables it to clean even hard to reach areas. The quick lock mechanism holds the mop firmly in place. The super spin system causes the mop to wring and dry swiftly. The handle is expandable. The bucket has wheels for easy carrying from room to room and is also equipped with large handles.

Prestige PSB 10 

Prestige PSB 10 is a stainless steel spin mop capable of 360 degrees cleaning. There are two mop heads which are made of high-quality microfiber. The mops are highly absorbent and also dry quickly. The mops are detachable from the handle and machine washable. Two adjustable handles are given to attach to the mop head. The twin bucket has two wheels for easy carrying. It also has a pulley and a carry handle. A solution dispenser is also present on the twin bucket to mix the liquid solution in the water. A drainage spout present at the side of the bucket enables easy draining of dirty water from the bucket without the need to overturn it.

Eco Alpine Spin Mop 

Eco Alpine spin mop provides 360 degrees swivel movement for deep cleaning. The microfiber mop absorbs 3 times more liquid as compared to conventional mops. The mop is not abrasive and also devoid of lint. The product comes with two microfiber mops. The bucket has larger sized wheels for easy movement over the surface. The durable handles afford easy carrying. It also has an outlet to drain dirty water. The handle can be adjusted as per your height.

Esquire Elegant Spin Mop 

Esquire Elegant spin mop has an adjustable handle which allows it to be turned 45 degrees to 180 degrees for easy cleaning. The long handle enables easy cleaning. The spin mop can access narrow areas such as under furniture and behind refrigerator effectively. The twin bucket separates dirty water and cleaning solution. It is a very efficient spin mop.


While looking for a Spin mop in India, apart from features, you should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of spin mop. It is important to consider the features which suit you and the ones which you don’t need.