What features to consider while buying Machete?

There are various knives available in the market and used for different purposes. Different types of knives are available in the market, and from that one is the Machete. It is a knife which is broad and heavy, originated from the Caribbean and Central America. It is being used for different reasons, such as hacking, cutting, slashing, chopping, carving, scooping, cracking, and many more. So, a knife could do many of the tasks, but there are various things which one needs to carefully consider before purchasing the right one-

  • Style of Blade – It is one of the most important features of it. There different styles of blade available which are being used differently as well as in various locations etc. In a different location, it is being used by different names and even used differently. For instance, Kukri style is also known by the name of Rawit, while Golok is also known by the name of Sable. There is no standardized style of it; one of the styles gets into another form.
  • Length of Blade – The wide range of its length goes from 25cm to 75 cm. But the average length of it is 45 cm which is being used. The small blades can have thicker blades and could be easily taken to any place without taking much care of transport. While the blades which are long could not be taken easily around, it is difficult to transfer it from one place to another but it can clear large areas within no time which makes the work much easier.
  • Blade Composition – There are different blades which are being used in it might have different types of composition which includes material such as stainless steel, carbon steel as well as high carbon stainless steel. Different materials are being used in it as it boosts different features in it, which increases its capacity to do different things. Carbon steel has the features which need proper oiling; edges are sharp, and others. While Stainless steel does not require proper maintenance, but it is much soft than that of carbon steel. So, combining different items give it durability, and depending on uses can choose the right composition of it.
  • Tang – This is the part that connects both handle and blade. When without tang any machete is being chosen, the weight will be more towards the blade end instead of a handle. This can lead to damage of Machete easily and could be dangerous as well. So, it should be chosen which has a design with a full tang.
  • The material of handle – Different material of handles are available in this which could be used, and each has its features such as wood, plastic, rubber, polymer, and many others. Wood is best as it best for the grip; rubber gives comfort while polymer requires less of maintenance. Based on the needs, one can choose the right material for the handle.

For choosing the best machete, it is necessary to purchase it considering all the features of it. If the features are being checked properly, then it will be used in a better way.