5 Essential Workout Supplies For Your Home Gym

Deck out your home gym with equipment that can help you get a great workout. From resistance bands to medicine balls, you can amplify any home workout with these tools.

For your upper body, a pull-up bar is a must-have. Gliding discs — which look like frisbees but are used for foot and hand workouts, such as mountain climbers and side lunges — are also a useful tool.


Dumbbells are a great addition to your workout supplies and can be used for hundreds of different exercises. They can help build muscle mass, increase flexibility, and improve balance. They are also convenient, allowing you to work out anywhere at anytime without being tied down to a gym.

Dumbbell sets are available in several different materials and come in various shapes. Cast iron dumbbells offer a traditional gym feel and are very durable. Hex dumbbells are typically made of cast iron encased in rubber or urethane to minimize noise and prevent floor damage during exercise sessions.

Hex dumbbells also have six sides, which help them stay stable on the ground and avoid rolling during a workout. They are generally cheaper than other types of dumbbells and are a good option for home use. You can also buy adjustable dumbbells that allow you to change the resistance by starting low and adding more weight as you get stronger.

Jump Rope

Whether you picture Rocky skipping rope to prepare for his next fight or kids playing Double Dutch at recess, jumping is an enjoyable and effective exercise that offers a variety of health benefits. Unlike many other workout equipment, jump rope is inexpensive and can be purchased for under $10. Plus, you can easily adjust your workout intensity with different lengths.

As you learn to move in a variety of jumping patterns, you’ll work the core and lower body while developing coordination. Jumping also engages the shoulders, biceps, and triceps to hold the rope in place. And while each jump puts a strain on the knees, hips, and ankles, this impact can be minimized by wearing well-padded shoes and jumping on a surface that reduces shock.

As your fitness level improves, try a speed jump rope or a beaded rope to increase the challenge. These ropes are heavier, and the weight helps you burn more calories.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are versatile equipment that can enhance any workout, ranging from bodyweight moves to power exercises. They’re also cheaper than weights, making them an ideal choice for beginner exercisers and those returning to fitness after a long break.

The most basic resistance band kits include simple band loops, while more advanced versions feature handles and door attachments. Fabric bands tend to be more durable and are ideal for lower-body exercises, while latex bands are stretchier and may be better suited for upper-body exercises, explosive movements, and joint stability exercises.

A key safety concern when using resistance bands is to avoid overstretching the gear, which can cause it to snap and cause injury. Additionally, it’s best to start with low-resistance exercisers and work up to higher levels of resistance. Doing so prevents muscle imbalances and reduces the risk of injuries. This is especially true for those who perform recreational sports, where the addition of resistance band training can help improve performance.

Medicine Ball

There’s one piece of gym equipment that is so incredibly underrated it’s almost criminal. This bowling ball-shaped workout tool is one of the most versatile, and oldest, pieces of strength training equipment around.

Medicine balls are weighted spheres filled with gel or sand to create a wide range of resistance levels. They can be thrown, dropped, bounced, rolled, or slammed on the ground to engage multiple muscles and tendons at once.

Adding a medicine ball to your workout can improve grip strength, shoulder stability, core strength, and overall balance. These workouts can be done on your own or with a partner and are a great way to improve body control and mobility in addition to building muscle.

Choose a sturdy medicine ball that can handle some impact and doesn’t break easily. Stand a few feet away from a wall, grab the ball in both hands, and get slamming. Repeat this exercise a few times for an intense full-body workout.

Workout Step

Aerobic steps may conjure up Jane Fonda VHS tapes from the ’70s, but workout steps are actually simple home fitness tools that can get your blood pumping and your heart rate elevated with ease. You can use them for a variety of exercises, from strength training and balance movements to a full-body cardio workout that strengthens the leg muscles. Best of all, unlike other bulky home gym equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes, these aerobic exercise steps and workout platforms are super lightweight and easy to move from room to room if you’re running low on space.

Look for a step with a no-slip top, and an adjustable height of four inches, six inches or eight inches (using risers) for maximum versatility. You can also find one in a millennial pink shade, so you’ll never be embarrassed to bring it out for a sweat session.

Yoga Mat

A mat is an essential piece of workout equipment for people who love to perform a range of floor-based exercises and poses. It helps to protect the floor from sweat that can cause it to smell and damage. It also helps prevent slipping when people are performing downward facing dog or attempting to balance during lunges.

A basic mat can be as cheap as PS10, while a more advanced option costs upward of PS50. When buying a yoga mat, it is important to weigh the importance of comfort and traction against the need for portability and a lightweight design.

Buyers say this mat provides plenty of traction and is comfortable to use. They like that it is made from a durable, eco-friendly material and comes with a carrying bag. However, they also note that it is a little heavy and that it may lose its grip over time.

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