Bedside Lamps Gold

Nothing makes a room feel cozy and welcoming like soft lighting. And these gorgeous gold lamps give off just that!

They are perfect for sitting on a bedside table, console table, or even as decorative accent lighting in an office. These metallic decor lights can also be matched with gold floor lamps to create a layered light look.

1. Pooky’s Lottie

A nod to traditional banker’s lamps, Pooky’s Lottie is a dinky bedside lamp that packs plenty of style and function into its small frame. Available in a choice of colours and a variety of shades, this urn-shaped lamp features a dimmer switch to change its mood from a soothing low-light to an eye-catching glow.

It’s also a decent-sized desk lamp, thanks to its hefty base and solid cylinder shade. We tested it with a dimmable 4W LED bulb, which gave us a bright but not harsh light that was reflected nicely from the top of the shade.

A well-made, minimalist design from Habitat that ticks the boxes on every criteria we set out to test. Its snazzy crystal base boasts the best-looking inline switch on the market, and its notch sported by the cable makes it easy to store when not in use. Its silk-wrapped flex is long enough to reach most sockets and its rocker switch is located just high enough up the twisted strand to make it a nightstand must have.

2. The Pogo Cane

The pogo cane is an essential tool for Scrooge in DuckTales and a key element of his strategy throughout the game. It enables him to take on enemies Mario style and also navigate spike pits untouched.

There’s no question that the pogo cane is an iconic part of the game, and it also provides a unique look to any decor. For example, the Studio Anansi Pogo Cane Table Lamp is a standout design with its natural cane wrap and pleated linen shade in crisp ivory.

It’s a great option for those who want a traditional design that will be classic but won’t go out of style in a couple of years. The metal base and light-filtering shade will work in farmhouse, coastal grandmother, cottagecore, or modern design schemes.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an industrial-inspired design that evokes warehouse aesthetics, try Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lamp. Its black iron base, squared-off C-curve rod, and clear glass shade lean more toward the factory-inspired aesthetic.

3. The Pogo Cane LED

A stylish mix of materials courtesy of Studio Anansi, vintage-inspired floor lamp stands in real unlacquered brass with a natural cane wrap along the center rod and a crisp pleated linen shade. The brass will eventually develop a beautiful patina, CB2 notes.

Despite the price tag, this lamp is an investment you’ll love for years to come. It’s also a functional piece, with a pull chain that makes it easy to reach from your bed.

With the touch of a button, you can turn this smart LED light on and off and adjust its brightness remotely. Plus, it’s available in a variety of color-changing shades.

This bedside light also doubles as a charging station, with a USB port on the base for your devices. That’s a handy feature for when you’re catching up on work before your big night out or reading your favorite book in the morning. Lastly, we like how this lamp has an adjustable arm that allows you to get the right light angle for your needs.

4. The Year 3000

A bedside lamp is a convenient addition to your bedroom, providing light in a space where you might not want a full-on table lamp. Modern bedside lamps gold have clean lines and are typically understated to complement minimalist decor.

Various types of bedside lamps exist, including swing arm, adjustable, and gooseneck styles. Swing arm lamps can be adjusted to provide directional or multi-directional lighting, while adjustable models have telescoping poles that allow you to alter the height up or down and tilt the head in different directions.

Some models also feature storage spaces for phones, books, and other accessories. Several offer USB ports to charge your smart devices or e-readers.

Adjustable lamps are great for tasks that require focused light, such as reading or working with a hobby. They often have touch or mechanical inputs that allow you to set the brightness and choose between several preset lighting modes.

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