Buy Windows 10 Pro Today

You can still buy Windows 10 today if you need it for a new PC build or want to upgrade your old one. Even though it will reach end of life in October 2025, there are plenty of discounts you can take advantage of to make the upgrade affordable. We’ve collected the best offers below so you can get speedier performance and Cortana assistance without breaking the bank.

Power users and business people are the primary audience for Pro, which comes with more advanced features than Home does. These include encryption (BitLocker) and management tools for user accounts and remote access. The Pro edition also includes a tool called Sandbox, which lets you run any application or program inside a separate window — ideal for kids or for testing out software before buying it.

Other notable features include a virtualization tool called Hyper-V, which allows you to wall off a portion of your hard drive into a standalone OS that runs alongside the main system. Not everyone will need this, but it’s a nice option for enthusiasts who want to continue testing Insider builds without risking their main system.

If you’re looking for a cheap Windows 10 Pro key, look for a seller that offers online activation. You don’t want to risk getting scammed by someone who claims to be Microsoft and asks you to provide personal information over the phone. This is a common trick to steal your money and not give you a legitimate license. Buy windows 10 Pro

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