Finding a Hairdresser For Curly, Wavy Or Textured Hair

Finding a hairdresser who will truly embrace your curly, wavy or textured hair can be tricky. Many salons claim to be experts but often only offer product-reliant curl glitz that doesn’t support your individual needs.

For real curly hair love, kneel before Melbourne’s High Priest of kinks and loops, Neel. This Fitzroy legend will treat your ringlets with the reverence they deserve.
Choosing the Right Hairdresser

Anyone with a bit of curl, wave or texture in their mane knows that finding a hairdresser who caters to your natural movement can be tricky. Thankfully, we’ve put the hard work in to track down some of Melbourne’s best curly hair salons.

A true specialist understands that effective communication and a thorough consultation are paramount, providing knowledge and results that support how you want to live with your hair. If a salon claims to be the perfect destination for textured hair, but their online offerings are filled with product-reliant CGM results and stylists who align to one creative bias or another, it’s time to move on. Instead, check out the following list of Gina Approved salons that specialise in wavy and curly hair.

Jess is a Gippsland-based curly hair specialist who specialises in teaching clients how to maintain their textured hair with manageable routines that run in line with the Curly Girl Method. Using her deconstructed method of dry cutting and artistic flare, she creates shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type and lifestyle.

With a client base that’s almost entirely female, Morley is one of Melbourne’s most respected hairdressers for wavy and curly locks. As well as providing a fabulous cut, she’ll also take the time to teach you how to keep your locks looking amazing in between visits.

Swathed in Aveda aromas, Rhodes is the go-to salon for anyone with a desire to let their natural waves and curls shine. Ask for Melissa, and you’ll be treated to a fabulous cut – plus a heap of knowledge on how to keep your locks looking great in between sessions. It’s lock love.

If you’re a curly girl, chances are your mane is a work in progress. With the right hairdresser, it’s possible to tame your kinks into something you love. A true specialist has well-honed principles that prioritize helping people rather than selling products. A great example is Melbourne’s renowned Hermiz. He’s a high priest of curls, and his salon is a shrine. During a consultation, he’ll take your curls seriously and plan the look to match your lifestyle.

Another curly hair hero is Jess, a Gippsland-based specialist. She uses a deconstructed method of dry cutting with an artistic flair to create shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type and personal features. She is also passionate about teaching clients how to maintain their textured hair using manageable routines that run in line with the Curly Girl Method. She works out of The Lip Lab in West Geelong.

Those with curls, waves or any sort of textured hair know that it takes more than a slap-dash snip to keep locks looking fabulous. It requires a careful approach to the shape and style of your strands as well as knowledge of how to keep your wavy, curly or kink-filled locks under control between salon visits.

This explains why more and more people are seeking out a hairdresser that specialises in curly hair. But beware, there are plenty of false prophets who have jumped on the CGM bandwagon in order to boost their online profile. Look out for red flags like a salon that proclaims itself as a specialist yet promotes chemical straightening, extensions and all the standard salon services.

A true curly hair expert is one who listens and provides results that support how you want to live with your kinks. And that’s the service that Jess at Joey Scandizzo Salon offers her clients.hairdresser curly hair melbourne

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