How to Remove Pin on Disney Plus [Helpful Guide]

How to Remove Pin on Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers families a unique way to enjoy the company’s content. The streaming service includes movies like Once Upon A Time, animated series from Marvel and ABC, and educational shows from National Geographic.

Parents can use parental controls to restrict access to mature content. Creating profiles on the Disney Plus app can help keep kids from getting around rating restrictions.

How to Remove a PIN on Disney Plus

Disney+ allows parents to block access to individual profiles with a four-digit PIN, giving them an extra layer of security. The feature is easy to set up and works across all devices, including desktops. The app also saves parental controls settings to each device, so you only need to change them once, and they’ll be applied across all devices with your account. You can add a PIN by tapping the profile icon on the Disney Plus main page and selecting Edit Profiles. Select a user, and scroll down to Parental Controls. You’ll be prompted to enter your password, and then you can create a PIN.

Once you’ve added a PIN, you can only access the content on that specific profile until you reset it or remove the pin. This is a good way to keep kids away from the likes of Kingsman and Borat, but it doesn’t stop them watching unrated Star content. In addition to the PIN, you can also restrict the type of content you’re interested in by choosing the “Films” or “TV Shows” categories.

You can remove the profile PIN from either the desktop or mobile apps, but the process is slightly different. On the desktop, you’ll need to launch the Disney Plus app and click the account icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the profile you want to change and select Edit Profiles.

Then, scroll down to the Parental Controls area and tick the box next to Profile PIN. You’ll then need to enter a new four-digit PIN and click Save.

How to Remove a PIN on a Mobile Device

For those with Android devices, a PIN or pattern lock is one way to keep others from accessing your device. However, if you are the only person using your device and have forgotten your PIN, there are methods to remove it without having to reset your phone or tablet. These methods can be used on a variety of Android devices and are simple to follow.

To unlock your PIN on a mobile device, first, go to the “settings” option. Then, click on the “security” or “Location & Security” option. Select the “Screen Lock” option and enter the correct PIN to unlock your device. You will then be able to use your phone or tablet again.

For those who want to take a more drastic approach, there are a few different ways to remove a pin on Disney plus. Some methods may work on certain device models, but they can be risky and should only be tried by those who know what they are doing. One method involves removing the screen lock by using software that can bypass the password. This software can be found online and is easy to install and use. Once installed, it can be used to remove the pin from your device quickly and easily.

In addition to enabling parental controls, Disney+ allows parents to add a four-digit PIN for individual profiles to prevent children from viewing mature content on their profile. To add a profile PIN, log in to the Disney+ app and tap your profile icon. From there, choose a user and scroll down to the Parental Controls section.

Another feature on Disney+ is Kids profiles, which change the design and layout of the service to be more kid-friendly. This can also be enabled through the Edit Profiles section, and you can create a PIN for this as well.

While the stateside version of Disney+ hasn’t dabbled in R-rated movies yet (Disney+ in other regions has), it’s still a good idea to tweak its parental controls. Adding a PIN for a profile can help keep older children from watching inappropriate content, and swapping out the default PIN is quick and easy to do from the app.

How to Remove a PIN on a Desktop

With Deadpool and Logan now on Disney+, some parents might want to tweak the service’s parental controls. One way to do so is to add a PIN to the profile settings. This requires the user to enter a four-digit PIN when logging in, which prevents access to any profiles with mature content. To do so, log in to the Disney app and select the Edit Profiles button on your profile. Once you’re in, scroll down to the Parental Controls setting and choose the Profile PIN option.

This is a great feature to enable, especially for younger kids who might be curious about Kingsman or Borat and could accidentally stumble upon something they shouldn’t see. The process to change the PIN is relatively simple, and you can do so on mobile or desktop.

The PIN is also a good idea to use with kids’ accounts since it can be easier to remember than a password and is much less susceptible to hacking or other security issues. If you’re having problems with the Disney Plus parental controls, performing a system restore from your PC’s advanced startup menu might help fix file corruption or malware issues that can interfere with the login PIN function.

How to Remove a PIN on a Tablet

Disney plus allows parents to add a four-digit PIN to individual profiles that can be used to restrict access to profiles with mature content. This feature is available on both desktops and mobile devices. To change the profile PIN, log in to Disney Plus from a desktop or mobile device and select the account icon in the top-right corner of the main screen and then Edit Profiles. You can then change the content restrictions, profile PIN, or email address. To remove the pin from a tablet, you can follow the same steps as on a desktop or mobile device but use a different method.

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