Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is the most prominent feature of any kitchen, so choosing a style that speaks to you is crucial. Modern cabinetry prioritizes function over flair, so you can expect clean lines and minimal ornamentation.

Flat slab doors without crown molding or raised panels are a common choice for modern kitchens. Frosted glass fronts are also a great option for this design style.
Natural Wood

Natural wood kitchen cabinets offer a warm and inviting aesthetic that can enhance any home design. They work well with both modern and traditional design styles and can be customized with a variety of countertop materials, flooring, and appliances.

Light wood options like white oak are ideal for contemporary kitchens while red oak features pink to reddish tones and is better suited for rustic or traditional designs. Maple is another natural wood that can lean modern or traditional with the right stain color.

If you opt for natural wood cabinets, the texture of the grain and knots will be front and center in your kitchen. Try complementing the organic style of your wood cabinets with textured elements, like a brick backsplash or patterned floor tile, to add contrast and visual interest in your kitchen. You can also add metal hardware to modernize your cabinetry. Wood is naturally porous and can absorb liquid quickly, making it essential to use a water-resistant coating on your wood cabinets.

Black cabinets are a modern style trend that offers dramatic and sophisticated appeal. They are a popular option for contemporary kitchen designs and can be paired with many different design styles. Some homeowners choose to go all black, while others use them as accent pieces to add a pop of color.

Dark cabinetry also works well in small kitchens because it helps to visually expand the space. However, it is important to keep in mind that dark cabinetry can absorb light and make a room feel smaller, so it is necessary to balance them with bright counters, walls, and flooring.

Black flat-panel cabinets pair beautifully with natural wood open shelves in this modern kitchen. This natural look is complemented by the wooden seats of the bar chairs and bubble chandelier. The black kitchen furniture is also accentuated by the concrete floor and decorative brick walls for a raw, yet clean design.

White modern cabinets lay a neutral foundation that complements any backsplash, wall color, and countertop material. They also let you play with other kitchen design ideas, like brass cabinet knobs and pulls or a dark grout backsplash.

Flat slab doors with minimal details – no crown molding or raised panels – are a signature look for modern cabinetry. They’re often made of painted MDF or high-gloss thermofoil (HGT), which is easy to clean and durable against scratches, chips, and warping.

This modern kitchen from Brophy Interiors features upper and lower white cabinetry, a subway tile backsplash, and even the ceiling. Seafoam green island counters and brass cabinet hardware add a stylish touch to the cooking space.

White modern cabinets are a great choice for a streamlined kitchen with lots of light. High-quality materials and finishes are essential in any kitchen, but especially when it comes to a modern design. Choose cabinets from a trusted cabinet manufacturer, such as Prime Cabinetry, to ensure they’re built to last.

When we think of metal kitchen cabinets, our thoughts may drift to the back-of-the-house areas of a high-end restaurant or the expansive cooking area of a hyper-luxe home. But they can work well in a modern kitchen too, especially with a design that removes any unnecessary flourish to streamline the cabinetry’s profile.

Stainless steel is one of the more popular choices for contemporary cabinets as it is durable and easy to clean. Its flat surface resists dents and scratches, and it doesn’t show fingerprints as readily as wood can.

However, the limited color options are a drawback as they tend to be on the dark side and may not suit a lot of styles. It’s possible to get around this by choosing a patterned glass insert for the door or adding accent lighting to brighten up the look. Then again, it is also possible to use a combination of materials to make a more eclectic and unique appearance.modern kitchen cabinets

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