New Dometic Replacement Cooling Units For Your Ford Transit

RVers and van lifers have long wanted air conditioning that runs off 12V power, without plugging into a shore power or generator. The Dometic RTX2000 fulfills that dream, and it’s easy to install in a Ford Transit van.

dometic cooling units provides mounting hardware, a roof cutout guide and an internal trim piece with the unit. In addition, this cooling unit comes with a foam sealant, thermal mastic, foil tape and LP gas plug.

Replacement Evaporator Foam Packs

A new foam pack encloses the entire evaporator tube set. This is a major component that will contribute to the life of your cooling unit and help to ensure proper operation.

The evaporator tubing that goes into the foam pack is galvanized, which helps to protect it from moisture entrapment. This is a critical step in the rebuilding process and will add years to the lifespan of your new cooling unit.

A seal around the outer periphery of the evaporator foam pack is also necessary to keep air out of the evaporator. This can be achieved by running tape around the outside edge of the foam pack so that half of it is stuck to the refrigerator cabinet, and the other half is sticking to the evaporator.

Replacement Thermo-Mastic

A well-designed and applied thermal mastic is a great way to promote the transfer of heat between two surfaces, especially when it’s used in an appliance. For example, in a fridge, thermal mastic can seal a temperature sensor or heat sink to the evaporator coil, helping to keep your cool air circulating smoothly and efficiently.

Thermo-Mastic is a one-component, non-drying, high-performance, gap-filling mastic that can be easily applied with a finger or a “pop sickle” stick. It’s also the best known and quickest way to fill in gaps between aluminum or steel tube sections.

Thermo-Mastic is available as a replacement part from New Dometic Replacement Cooling Units. It comes in the form of a slick, easy-to-use tube that is the perfect size for the task at hand. Thermo-Mastic can be used to reseal a leaking cooling unit or as a way to boost the performance of a new or replacement evaporator foam pack. Thermo-Mastic is available in the most popular sizes, and it can be ordered online.

Replacement Evaporator Sealing Tape

When installing the New Dometic Replacement Cooling Units, it’s important to seal the evaporator pocket properly. This can be done with the use of replacement evaporator sealing tape.

The evaporator sealing tape can be applied before putting the evaporator in place so that it is attached to the refrigerator cabinet in a secure manner. Run the tape around the outer periphery of the evaporator foam pack and about halfway off of it.

It’s also important to remove all of the mastic that was used to secure the evaporator foam pack into its pocket. This mastic is actually a thermal conductor, and it should be scraped off.

After all of the mastic and tape is removed, it’s time to begin fastening the evaporator into the fridge. Install the center screw first and tighten it with a spiral pattern to snug up the screw before going to the outside screws.

Replacement Thermostat

Thermostats are the foundation of your RV’s heating and cooling system. They’re easy to use and give you a great deal of control over the temperature in your rig.

They’re also relatively cheap. They can last for years and can be a big help in troubleshooting the problems you’re having with your RV’s HVAC system.

Newer thermostats are typically digital and include error codes that can help you troubleshoot issues with them. Some of these systems also have a reset procedure to get them back to factory settings.

If your thermostat isn’t displaying properly, make sure it’s getting power to it by checking the DC voltage. To do this, remove the thermostat cover and check for 12 volts on both of its wires (red and black).

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