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Home Care Agencies are licensed businesses that send caregivers to people’s homes to provide non-medical care. They can be found in most areas and offer a range of services.

It’s important to talk with friends and family members who have used a Home Care Agency. They can give you firsthand information about their experiences and help you make the best choice.
What is a Private Carer?

Private carers are independent individuals who work to provide home care to elderly people, or adults with special needs. They are not employed by a home care agency but instead work on a self-employed basis, which means they set their own hours and rates for providing their services.

This type of care is ideal if you or your loved one is looking for short term care or respite. This could be because of an accident, surgery or just a temporary need for some support in the house.

Private carers are also great if you are unsure of how much care you will need and can offer flexibility. However, be aware that when you employ an individual privately you become their employer and will need to operate PAYE, pay National Insurance and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). This can take some time and effort to get up and running. It can also be a bit more expensive than using an agency.
How do I find a Private Carer?

There are a few ways to find a private carer. You can either look online or through an introduction agency like Mable or Home Care Heroes. You can also approach a fully managed service provider, like Guardian Carers who will help you find the right carer to meet your needs.

If you choose to hire someone directly, you will be their employer. This arrangement allows you to build a close relationship with the carer and ensure that they understand your needs. However, you will have to take on the responsibility of vetting them and finding cover for sick leave and holidays.

If you use an introduction agency to find a private carer, they will have already vetted the carer and will have checked their references and DBS record. They will charge a one-off fee for their services. This can be more affordable than hiring a carer independently. However, it is important to remember that the carer will not be protected by employer’s liability insurance if they are employed by the agency.
What is the difference between a Private Carer and a Home Care Agency?

Private carers are self-employed and provide care independently rather than working for a home care agency or a local council. This means that they can negotiate their rates and work with multiple clients.

Families who hire private caregivers are responsible for interviewing, conducting background checks, and verifying credentials. They also need to manage insurance, payroll, and taxes. In addition, if the caretaker has an unexpected issue or day off, families must find replacement care at a moment’s notice.

Many families choose to use a home care agency because they avoid the administrative responsibilities that come with hiring a private caregiver. Agencies recruit, vet, and train their caregivers while also providing support to their clients. In addition, they typically ensure that all caregivers are insured which protects families against the financial impact of accidents in the home or theft by a caregiver.
How do I hire a Private Carer?

There are a couple of different ways to hire a private carer. One option is to engage with a fully managed home care agency who will advertise, vet and interview candidates and provide you with a choice of carers to select from. This is often a preferred route as it offers families peace of mind and reassurance that the agency is managing payroll, tax records and other aspects of hiring and managing a private carer.

Another option is to directly recruit a self-employed private carer yourself. This typically involves advertising for, screening and interviewing carers – with the advantage that you can be flexible on things like hours, pay and sickness cover. However, you will also become the legal employer of your carer, meaning they will need to be registered for PAYE and national insurance contributions.

If you decide to employ a private carer yourself, make sure you take advice on the legal implications of this. For example, it’s important to establish your carer’s employment status as this could impact the process of letting them go or whether you need to put in place a probationary period.Private Carers near me

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