Smart Lighting System for the Phoenix Valley

Phoenix is a city that embraces growth. This has earned the city four All-America City titles and the 1993 Carl Bertelsmann Prize, which recognizes the best-run cities in the world.

Lighting is a vital component to any facility, so a smart lighting system can help in a variety of ways. YESCO provides retrofit solutions to save energy and lower electricity bills in Phoenix.

Controlling Your Electric Bill

A smart lighting system phoenix valley adds beauty, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your property. It also makes it easy to create unique “lighting scenes” for different times of day or occasions and can be integrated with other home automation systems.

Integrated IO(r) offers a variety of solutions to integrate your lighting with the other technology in your Phoenix, AZ property. From off-the-shelf smart light bulbs to smart switches that replace your current switches, we have options for any property.

Control your lights, audio/video, climate and security with one touch on a smartphone, tablet, keypad or remote. You can even check in on your home while you’re away and receive notifications if things occur, like a broken water leak. Our systems also allow for voice control with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri. Increase productivity for important rooms in your Phoenix, AZ property by pressing a single button that dims the lights, lowers blackout shades and turns on video display and sound.

Keeping Your Facility Cool

Light up your Phoenix facility with a smart lighting system that is easy on the eyes and easy to use. Our retrofits feature LED products that last longer than traditional bulbs and don’t contain environmentally damaging materials like mercury and lead.

Our energy efficient LED products have a long lifespan and reduce energy costs by 80% or more. YESCO’s lighting retrofits can also be customized to set the right mood for your business. Brightly lit spaces are safer workspaces for employees and customers. They help employees see warning signs and color-coded wiring better, and they can improve patient outlook at hospitals and wellness centers.

Enjoy the benefits of a smart lighting system that’s designed to work with your other automated technology. Stream your favorite media content from your cable or satellite provider, music streaming service, server, or smartphone. Activate your lights and your motorized shades with the push of a button. This makes it simple to return home after a night out, or to entertain guests when you’re not there.

Keeping Your Lights On

Rather than needing to fiddle with a physical switch, smart lights can be controlled remotely from a smartphone app. And since the LED bulbs that these systems are powered by are more efficient, they’ll use less energy than traditional light fixtures.

You can even set a specific schedule for your lights to automatically turn on and off. For example, you can set them to turn on at 7am and turn off at bedtime. Smart lighting systems can also utilize a feature called geofencing. This allows your lights to use your phone’s GPS to detect when you leave and turn off automatically.

Another cool feature you can add to your smart home is entertainment sync. This monitors the video signal going to your TV and maps the colors appearing around the edges of the screen, then adjusts the lighting in your room to match those dominant hues. This will create a truly immersive experience for your favorite show, movie, or sports event.

Keeping Your Light Fixtures Looking Great

Lighting is an essential element of the architecture of your facility, so you want to make sure that it looks good. Smart lighting systems can help do that. They offer features that aren’t possible with traditional lamps or controls.

Less than 10% of electrical power supplied to an incandescent light bulb is converted to light; the rest is thrown off as heat. YESCO can retrofit your facility with LED solutions that flip that number, reducing the amount of money you waste battling heat.

Many smart lights integrate with voice assistants, allowing you to control them using only your voice. Others can be put on schedules that turn them off and on at preset times so it appears that someone is home, deterring crime.

Some smart bulbs have built-in themes and animations that change color or brightness to create a mood, while others can sync with your music or movies so they adjust to the activity in your home. Smart lighting also allows you to control multiple lights at once, whether from your mobile app, touch panel or remote.

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