The Puka Shell Ring Gets a Gold-Filled Upgrade

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Our most popular design gets a gold-filled upgrade! This ring features three mini puka shells that were handpicked off the beach of Maui and wire wrapped on a thick 14 gauge hammered gold fill band. A simplistic yet stunning piece that will take you straight back to the beach! All our shell and pearl jewelry is made to order, please refer to the announcement bar on top of the website for current processing times.

The term Puka translates to “hole” as each shell has a unique hole in the centre that was naturally carved by the ocean. These shells have a cultural significance in Hawaiian tradition and are believed to contain healing properties. They are also given to sailors as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

Traditional Hawaiian shell pendants are made using a single shell or a combination of shells and are often strung on a chain or cord to be worn as a statement piece. Modern interpretations of this style can use a range of materials, including gold and precious stones to create luxurious takes on the seashell necklace design.

Originally, shell jewelry was used to decorate the body and it continues to play an important role in Hawaiian culture today. The ocean is sacred to Hawaiians and these pieces of jewelry serve as a reminder of the importance of protecting our natural resources. The most popular type of shell necklace is a Puka shell ring which is traditionally paired with cowrie shells and cone shells. Each shell has its own meaning and symbolism – for example, the cone shell is a sign of prosperity and the puka shell is said to be protective of one’s health and wealth. Puka shell ring

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