Top 10 1st Anniversary Gifts

For a modern 1st anniversary gift, go with a set of personalized stationery. The set features the couple’s name and address and is decorated with pretty yellow blooms—a nod to the traditional first-anniversary theme.

A cute framed photo is another traditional one-year anniversary gift idea. Pair it with a push pin map to mark the places you’ve visited together.
Fresh Flowers

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts for first anniversaries. Carnations are the traditional anniversary flower, symbolizing affection that can endure a year of marriage.

Preserving flowers in a shadow box or pressing them between pages of an anniversary book is a creative way to preserve memories. This book art also doubles as a beautiful home decor item.

This unique gift is ideal for couples who love to travel. It can be filled with ticket stubs and postcards from past adventures together.

Chocolate is a popular choice for anniversary gifts because it’s both sweet and symbolic. When eaten, it triggers chemicals in the brain that cause feelings of pleasure and euphoria.

This traditional gift for the first anniversary is the perfect way to celebrate your new beginnings together. It’s also a great way to commemorate all the places you’ve been together as a couple.
Food Tours

Whether your partner is a foodie or just loves to cook, a culinary tour makes an excellent first anniversary gift. Try a wine tasting experience in your favorite city or sign up for an online cooking class.

Spend quality time together while soaking in the natural beauty with this first anniversary gift idea. Gifting Owl has a variety of different whale watching experiences that will allow you to get up close and personal with some of Mother Nature’s most magnificent creatures.

As far as 1st anniversary gifts go, it doesn’t get more elegant than a brass sundial compasses. This piece of functional art will look amazing on their bookshelf.

This self-operating vacuum has topped many newlyweds’ wish lists and makes a great first anniversary gift. It will be a much-needed addition to their home. It also comes in a variety of colors so they can match it to their décor.

One of the traditional gifts for a one-year anniversary is paper, which symbolizes the blank canvas your young marriage offers. You can also go the modern route with a clock-themed present like this wooden wall clock.

Personalize it with your spouse’s name and the date you tied the knot for a unique and meaningful modern gift. They’ll love displaying it in their home.
Paper Clip Earrings

Taking on the traditional one-year anniversary theme, this gift is sure to impress. Personalize it with their names and wedding date for an extra-special touch.

If your spouse loves to travel, a custom map of the world is an on-theme and ultra-romantic gift for their first anniversary. They can use it to mark all the places they’ve visited together and plan for their future adventures.
Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is an enduring symbol of a loving partnership. Its continuous line of meticulously set diamonds or gemstones conveys a lasting commitment and reflects the bond between two people.

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, graduation or another special occasion, the gift of a tennis bracelet will elevate any outfit. Flashier styles work for evening wear, while thinner gold chains blend into everyday wear.
Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather accessories are perfect for the Apple Watch and help add a touch of style. Choose a smooth, sleek leather band for a polished look or a textured band for a more casual style.

If your spouse or favorite couple is a fan of music, this metal LP record clock will be a hit. It can be personalized with their names, anniversary date and up to five songs of their choice.
Art Classes

If she loves to travel, this personalized map is a sentimental gift. Add their names and wedding date along with push pins for all the destinations they’ve already visited together.

Give them a taste of the good life with online mixology classes. These hands-on experiences are more than just a lesson—they’re like Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets of artistic adventure.
Dance Classes

Many couples love to dance so giving them online tap or virtual Irish dancing classes is a fun first anniversary gift. It’s a creative way to enjoy a fun hobby together and it makes for a great bonding experience.

Show off their wedding and honeymoon photos with a digital photo frame that can also upload social media updates. You can even add a name or initials engraving for a thoughtful touch.

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