Troubleshooting Tips For Norcold Refrigerators

With a little care and knowledge, you can keep your Norcold refrigerator running well for years to come. But, like any appliance, it does have its occasional meltdowns.

Absorption Norcold fridges run on both propane and electricity. When they are on propane, they use a small amount of electric power to ignite the propane flame.
Power Options

RV fridges come in various power options to suit different needs. Absorption refrigerators work off both propane and electricity, while compressor fridges operate solely on 12V DC power. Most refrigerators use a switch to determine the source of power and automatically change between modes.

Most Dometic fridges have a control panel that is user friendly and provides finger tip control. Typically, the settings go from 1 to 9. #1 is warmest and 9 is coldest.

To access the fuses in your fridge, you will need to remove the cover of a small black box, often located in the lower-left corner of the freezer compartment. The fuses are usually labeled, making it easy to identify and replace any that have blown. A faulty fuse can cause your fridge to turn off or not cool properly. A green light is good, but a blinking green or red light indicates a problem. This can be caused by a number of things including a broken thermostat or a bad cooling fan.
Conversion Kits

If you have an older Norcold 3-way refrigerator and are looking to convert it into a fridge/ freezer, we have the conversion kit you need. This kit comes with the new style power board, new style optical board and all adapters needed to install them in your refrigerator. This is a simple and easy way to convert your standalone marine or Norcold refrigerator into a refrigerator that will run on 12VDC. Order today and save!
Temperature Control

The Norcold line of RV refrigerators includes a variety of options to suit your needs. You can choose from small portable fridges and freezers to larger two or four door refrigerators that resemble residential appliances. You can also choose a hybrid refrigerator that can run on both propane and electric power.

For RVers who enjoy boondocking, a Norcold absorption fridge is the perfect solution. These refrigerators work by using a boiler powered by propane gas to heat up a mixture of ammonia and water. The ammonia turns into a gas that attracts and removes the heat from your food and other items stored in your fridge.

Most Norcold refrigerators have a thermostat that you can use to adjust the temperature of your fridge or freezer. To do this, you need to locate the thermistor and clip it to the 5th fin on the refrigerator. Move it up to make your fridge cooler and down to make it warmer.

Norcold refrigerators are known for being durable and energy-efficient. But even the best-built refrigerators sometimes run into trouble. Fortunately, with a few simple troubleshooting tips, these issues can be resolved relatively easily.

One of the most common problems with Norcold RV refrigerators is a fridge that won’t turn on at all or a fridge that doesn’t cool. These problems are usually caused by a low or faulty AC thermostat or a blown fuse.

Another common issue is a fridge that is constantly beeping or making an obnoxious sound. Luckily, this problem can often be solved by making sure the vent grills aren’t blocked and that the fridge isn’t overpacked.

Finally, if you’re noticing that your fridge is leaking or smells like ammonia, this can be a sign of a bad compressor. To check the compressor, it’s necessary to remove the cover of a small black box, frequently located in the lower left corner. This will give you access to fuses that can be replaced with new ones.

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