Why a Bow Case is a Must For Your Crossbow

While most bow manufacturers exclude string and cable wear from their warranties, sometimes things go wrong. A small problem like a burr in the cam groove or a little limb bolt twist can cause a sudden string derailment.

Well-intentioned tips from a friend often morph into unnecessary warranty claims. So when your buddy suggests you adjust the nocking point, take it with a grain of salt.

Pelican Cases

Pelican cases are renowned for their durability and are often the choice of photographers who need to transport their most prized equipment. These cases are also used in a variety of other demanding industries like medical, aerospace, and emergency services. The case manufacturing process is fascinating, and you can watch it here if you’d like to see how the bodies are formed using a large machine called Colossus which applies 1800 tons of pressure to form the plastic into the proper shape.

One of the benefits of Pelican cases is their customization options. Many Pelican case products come with layers of pluckable foam, allowing users to tailor the inside to accommodate their gear. These cases are waterproof, dustproof, and include an automatic pressure equalization valve to prevent vacuum lock at altitude. In addition, Pelican cases are backed by a lifetime warranty. For individuals who want to save some money on a Pelican case, there are several affordable alternatives available, including Seahorse and Monoprice weatherproof hard cases.

TenPoint Cases

A modern crossbow is a sophisticated array of parts and pieces that need to work together perfectly. That’s why TenPoint cases are designed to keep your investment safe during transport and storage.

This rugged, water-resistant case is built to protect your TenPoint crossbow with a durable exterior shell. The padded interior is equipped with hook and loop straps to secure your crossbow during travel. The case also includes a padded shoulder sling and a nylon hanging strap. Its exterior pockets offer plenty of space for arrows and accessories.

The CenterPoint AXCSBG case sets itself apart from other soft cross bow case by offering a number of unique features. For one, it is TSA compliant when used with TSA-approved locks. The molded, water-resistant case is built to withstand tough weather and travel conditions. The velvet-lined interior helps prevent scratches and scuffs during transport and storage. It also provides easy access to the bow’s cocking mechanism without removing it from the case.

SKB Cases

SKB Cases are made in the USA and offer a lifetime warranty. Their cases are molded in either Vacuum, Rotational or Injection molded using high-density polyethylene material that’s resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and shock. They’re tough enough to protect your gear on the road, on the water or at the range and have multiple features for both pro audio and video equipment as well as gig-rig systems & a rolling studio.

SKB has added a new injection molding machine (the largest on the west coast) which greatly expands their production capabilities. As a result, the iSeries line of cases now has 50 standard sizes and more sizes are being developed each year!

SKB cases have a few key differences from Pelican cases. For example, SKB cases have more limited color options whereas Pelican Cases are available in a wide variety of colors. They also have less room for foam customization which can be a drawback for some users.

Elevation Cases

Elevation Cases are the perfect way to protect your bow and accessories while you’re traveling. They’re lightweight, compact, and feature super-bright, high-quality prints that won’t fade. You can even customize them with your own design. They also come in different colors, so you can match your style.

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The packable bow cover offers next-level protection for target shooters, hunters, and 4-wheelers. Its fleece-lined rip-stop composition keeps scopes, vertical bars, and light kits out of the elements while sealed tight with an elastic drawstring closure. It is equipped with storage pockets for a bow, quiver, and target faces. The exterior shell is designed for travel with locking zippers, strategic skid plates, and smooth-rolling wheels. Five lift points facilitate maneuverability, while a separate sleeve allows for dual bow capacity.

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