Why Norcold Cooling Units Are the Best

The cooling unit is one of the most important parts of your rv refrigerator. It is not indestructible, like every mechanical device it will eventually start to wear out.

To ensure a proper install we recommend doing a dry run, lay the new cooling unit down and spray low expansion foam around the evaporator pocket. This will give you and your helper a chance to coordinate setting it into the refrigerator for optimum alignment.
Thermostat Control

When a cooling unit is set in place at the factory an expanding foam is applied to seal and secure it. When that foam is misapplied air and moisture leak into that area causing corrosion, cooling problems, and ammonia smells.

JC Refrigeration solves that problem by using a new thermostatic switch that is mounted on the rear of the fridge to control a new fan that is mounted on the top side-mounted vent cover. That new fan starts sucking heat out far sooner than the Norcold fans, greatly improving overall fridge performance.

JC Refrigeration’s Fridge Defend also improves the total fridge performance by allowing the boiler to overheat only 10 minutes every hour instead of 24 hours a day like Norcold does. This short overheat shutdown vastly improves freezer and fridge temps. It is the only product of its kind on the market that controls the boiler temperature to prevent a cooling unit failure. It comes with the new Universal Control system, installation manual, foam sealant, thermal mastic, and foil tape.
Noise Reduction

For a long time Dometic and Norcold fridges (along with most other RV fridges) were noisy. The noise was caused by a compressor running and turning on and off. This turned the zig-zag tubing into a drum and created a lot of noise.

JC Refrigeration designs their new cooling units to run quieter than Norcold cooling units by mounting the thermostatic switch on a different location. This allows the two rear fans to turn on much sooner, moving heat out of the fridge faster, and improving overall performance.

In addition, their rebuilding process uses heavier wall seamless tubing and a boiler design that won’t fail like OEM replacement units do. This reduces the thermal stress on the cooling unit tubes and prevents those telltale yellow residue areas around the tube and that ammonia smell. Lastly, they use a putty-like material called thermal mastic instead of expanding foam. This is more insulating and seals better. This also reduces the chance of air and moisture leaking into that area of the refrigeration system.

When it comes to rv fridge cooling units norcold is a name you can trust. They make their refrigerators to last but just like every mechanical device they will eventually start to see issues. If your refrigeration unit is beginning to fail you can easily replace it with a new norcold 632307 Cooling Unit.

When the cooling unit is set in place on the rear of the fridge an expanding foam is applied to seal and hold it in place. Sometimes the assemblers at the norcold factory misapplied this putty-like material called thermal mastic, which is a bad thing because that means air and moisture can leak into the rear of the fridge, leading to cooling problems and corrosion.

Ozark uses heavy wall seamless tubing in their rebuilds to ensure it won’t fracture under thermal stress. Our boiler design is also much more robust than OEM or aftermarket replacements, ensuring a cooler refrigerator with longer life.
Energy Efficiency

A refrigerator uses more electricity for cooling than any other device in a home. This is why it’s important to look for one with a high SEER rating, which measures how much cooling it provides per unit of energy used.

A Norcold fridge’s cooling units are highly efficient. Their evaporator coils are heated with electricity or LP gas flame to distill the working fluid, turning it into ammonia and water. It’s the same process that alcohol is made with, and it’s very energy-efficient.

You can upgrade your existing Norcold fridge with a new refrigerant cooling system from JC Refrigeration to get better energy efficiency. The upgraded fan kit has a precession temperature sensor and ventilator fan that can be adjusted to cool the refrigerator at optimal levels. This helps to lower the refrigerator’s power consumption by preventing the compressor from running as frequently. It also prevents overheating that can cause a fire. This is a great way to lower your RV’s electricity bill while improving its ability to cool your food.

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