Commercial Lock Change – Why You Need to Have Your Locks Changed

Trespassers and burglars steal inventory, equipment, and more from business locations. Changing locks is one way to prevent break-ins and keep your business safe.

Changing locks is an easy process when you know when to do it. In this article, we will look at some of the situations when it’s best to have a Commercial lock change.
Losing Keys

There’s nothing worse than losing a set of keys. This is especially true for business owners, because the longer your assets sit unprotected, the more vulnerable they become to theft and vandalism. If you lose your keys, call your local commercial locksmith right away to have the locks changed.

Commercial locksmiths can also rekey your locks instead of replacing them entirely. Rekeying changes what makes a key work in the lock by changing stakes of pins that correspond to grooves on your keys. This can cut down on the number of keys you need to give out, which can be a security concern.

However, it is important to note that while rekeying can help reduce security concerns, criminals are less likely to use lock picking and more likely to utilize bump keys and other bypass methods. This is why it’s important to invest in high-security locks that buttress your defenses against these types of attacks.

It’s not uncommon for Houston businesses to have trouble with disgruntled employees. Many business owners do not realize that their ex-employees have keys to the office and they may be able to steal from or vandalize the company property. Often, Alamo Key & Lock gets called out to rekey or replace door locks after a former employee is let go and turns up to do some damage to the company.

It’s always a good idea to change the locks after an employee leaves the company. It is also a good idea to block access rights and accounts, such as website control dashboards, domain names, and social media, as soon as you know an employee is leaving. This will prevent them from gaining access to your valuable data and information.
Security Deposit

The best time to have your commercial locks changed is soon after moving into a new building or office. Many people may have had access to the property before you including contractors, realtors, the previous owner, or their employees. You never know who might have a nefarious intent.

Changing your locks can also protect you from vandalism and burglary. Most criminals don’t pick locks anymore, but rather use bump keys or bypass methods to break in. You can buttress your security with high-security locks that can withstand these attacks.

Another reason for a lock change is natural wear and tear. Locks are constantly opened and closed and can get damaged by misuse or weather. They can also become worn out with age and need replacing. If you see visible signs of damage or wear, it’s time for a commercial lock change. Having the right commercial locks will not only increase security, but it will also boost accessibility and curb appeal.
Lease Agreement

A lease agreement sets out the rights and obligations of a tenant and landlord. It includes details on everything from the amount of a security deposit to if it can be renewed and when. It may also include specifics related to subletting the property or any monetary penalties associated with early termination. A lease agreement should always be reviewed by a contract lawyer to ensure that it is clear and comprehensive.

Other details that might be included in a lease agreement are whether or not pets are allowed, maintenance and repairs, utilities and what happens if a tenant is called to active duty in the military. It is important to change the locks in a commercial building immediately after you purchase it to ensure that only authorized people have access.

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