Garment Finishing Services

Garment finishing services can elevate your shirts from just another shirt to retail quality. From woven labels to hang tags and everything in between, we can help make your garments look the part.

In many factories, workers work in poor conditions with little ventilation. They are exposed to toxic fumes and fiber dust. They have to endure physical abuse from management.
Woven Neck Labels

Woven neck labels are a great way to add your branding on your custom-designed clothing. They add a feel of high-end and professionalism to your garments while also showing the care you put into your designs down to the fine details.

Compared to printed clothing labels woven tags have a higher quality final appearance with the ability to use up to 12 colors, allowing for complex designs and logos to be woven. However, there are some limits when it comes to color gradients and ultra-fine text, so if you’re designing something like that, it might be better to go for a printed label.

Woven tags come in a number of finishes such as damask, satin and taffeta and can be embroidered or embossed to achieve the look you want. We can even produce woven tags with sequential numbers to make your garments unique, ideal for limited edition runs. All our woven labels are backed by a strong adhesive to ensure they stick to your garments and last through repeated washes.
Hem Tags

Hem tags are a fashionable and attention-grabbing addition to your garments. These small, folded tags can be found at the bottom hem, side seams, sleeves, pockets, and neckline of a shirt. They can include woven or printed labels.

Adding a woven or satin hem tag to your products will elevate your product, allowing you to communicate more information than a standard label can. Hem tags can include a logo, company name, size, or other important details.

If you are planning to add a hem tag, it is best to use a cut and sew service. This will ensure that any existing seams are not unpicked before the hem tag is sewn into place. When ordering a hem tag, make sure to leave some sewing room. A hem tag that is sewn into a seam will need more sewing room than a regular woven label. This is because the hem tag will be stitched along with the seam, which will add thickness.
Hanging Tags

Hang tags are a small tag that dangles from a garment. They can contain price and sizing information, as well as a custom logo. They can also include care instructions and fabric details.

They’re a great way to add a wow factor and create a memorable experience for your customers. They’re an opportunity for you to tell your brand story and build loyalty.

Choosing the right design and layout is important, especially when it comes to your logo. Make sure it’s clear and concise. If you have a lot of text, you’ll risk losing customers’ attention.

In a crowded retail environment, hanging tags are your chance to stand out and make an impact. Find a bespoke clothing branding specialist that can offer you one-stop services from fabric sourcing to embroidery and printing. Their team will ensure that your hang tags are designed to match the rest of your clothing line. They’ll help you stand out from your competitors and give your products the professional edge they need.
Personalized Packaging

Packaging is one of the most important components in building brand perception and establishing customer loyalty. Personalized packaging can help brands connect with customers on a personal level, making them feel seen and recognized. It can also encourage brand loyalty by introducing a sense of exclusivity.

Moreover, personalized packaging can also be used to showcase your brand’s design aesthetics. Customized apparel boxes can be a great way to communicate your brand’s identity and create a memorable experience for your customers.

However, personalized packaging requires more time and energy from businesses. Creating new designs can increase production costs, and campaigns that fail to resonate with consumers may result in wasted marketing expenses. This type of marketing strategy can also be a challenge for small and medium-sized bespoke packaging firms. Therefore, it is essential to find a reliable supplier that understands your needs and can provide quality printing services. In addition, your supplier should offer competitive prices and shipping options for global orders.apparel finishing services

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