Dometic Cooling Units

Dometic cooling units are essential for campervans and vans because they provide a reliable way to keep food, drinks and water cold. They operate efficiently, even in extreme temperatures and consume minimal power.

They are also easy to install and offer a sleek design that complements your campervan or van’s interior.

ColdMachine 54

Dometic ColdMachine 54 is an entry-level refrigeration unit set at a great price! The entry-level set features a Danfoss BD 35F air-cooled compressor and matching evaporator. Ideal for smaller volume coolers up to 130 litres and use in cold waters.

When a standard cooling unit doesn’t fit, there is nothing easier than creating your own custom space for refrigeration with ColdMachine 54. Designed for small refrigerator capacities of up to 130 l and use in cold waters, this tailor made solution offers powerful performance and quiet operation. Complete with pre-charged refrigerant and self-sealing valve couplings, ColdMachine 54 is easy to mount.

ColdMachine 85

Powered by an advanced compressor, Dometic ColdMachine 85 offers 25 % more cooling performance than comparable units. Pair it with a VD series evaporator plate for custom cold storage. The air-cooled cooling unit is ideal for general refrigeration or freezing applications and can be installed up to 15 ft. (4.57 m) away from the refrigerator or freezer.

The unit is designed to cool refrigerators up to 250 l or freezers up to 70 l. It is suitable for solar power operation and use in warmer waters. The stainless steel mounting plate provides durability, and seven suitable evaporator types plus one cold accumulator offer flexibility. The compact unit takes up minimal space on the yacht, and it is easy to install using self-sealing quick-connect fittings.

Ice Chest

Whether you’re packing for a weekend camping trip, a beach party, or heading out on the water for a fishing expedition, Ice Chest is your cooler for any adventure. With plenty of interior room, superior insulation, and construction sturdy enough to withstand a raging Yeti, it’s the ultimate cooler to take on the road.

A cooler is an insulated container used to keep food and beverages cool or cold, and it’s often made of plastic or metal. Also known as a cooler box, ice chest, chilly bin (in New Zealand), or an esky (in Australia), it helps preserve foods and drinks for extended trips. Coolers can have additional features, such as threaded drain plugs for hose hookups, dual snap locks, and childproof lid latches.rv fridge parts

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