How to Cancel Paypal Payment? Simple Ways

How to Cancel Paypal Payment

How to Cancel Paypal Payment? PayPal is a free and valuable financial service for shopping safely online. PayPal is such an effortless service to use, you can easily make a mistake when making a payment e.g. entering the wrong details (email address). Fortunately, you can cancel unwanted Paypal payments and get your money back if you act quickly enough.

This article will guide you step by step on how to stop a Paypal payment before it’s too late!

Can You Cancel a PayPal Payment?

If the payment needs to be accepted, you can cancel the payment. You require to work quickly before the recipient accepts the payment. Once the money has been transferred (AKA the payment is confirmed), you will not be able to cancel the payment. Don’t lose hope, there are still options even if you cannot cancel the payment.

You can only cancel the payment if

  • The email address you have sent your payment to does not have a PayPal account.
  • The email address you dispatched your payment to has not been verified.

If the email address exists, you must cancel the payment before the recipient claims the payment. If the email address does not wok you can also cancel the payment. If you don’t the money will be repaid to your account within 30 days. Even if the email address doesn’t exist I would still suggest cancelling the payment.

How to Cancel a PayPal Payment That is pending?

It’s pretty easy, just follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your PayPal account
  • Select Activity
  • Find the payment you want to cancel, select the cancel link – you will go to a new web page.
  • Select cancel payment

NOTE: If you made the payment utilizing money directly from your bank account rather than money already in your PayPal account, the money will be returned to your PayPal account. You can just transfer the money from your PayPal account back into your bank account in a few days.

How to Cancel Recurring Payments

There may be subscriptions you’re paying for that are unaccustomed to you. These can truly add up if you are not careful! Lucky for you, it’s truly quick and simple to cancel recurring payments on PayPal.

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click on settings
  • Click on payments
  • Choose “view” – this will be next to the words “manage your automatic payments”.
  • Select the payment you want to cancel, then press cancel.

NOTE: you are required to cancel a minimum of 24hrs before the recurring payment is scheduled. You should cancel the subscription. PayPal might still send the payment.

What can I do if my payment cannot be cancelled?

If you cannot cancel your PayPal payment, don’t panic! There are still a lot of things you can do to get your money back.

  • If the money has been sent to someone else that you know, you can simply ask them to refund the money back to you.
  • If you send your money to a corporation, you can request a refund directly from them. Most retailers won’t be speedy to refund you. You always have the option of contacting PayPal’s Resolution Centre. The customer service team will look at your typical case and will try and help you get your money back. The PayPal team is known for being pretty reasonable and reliable, which is why many customers choose to purchase online using PayPal.

That’s all you must need to know about how to cancel a PayPal payment. If you have queries about how to cancel a PayPal payment, maybe the links below can help you out.


If you are trying to cancel or stop an order, you will have to contact the merchant or individual. This will enable you to determine the options you have to obtain a refund or cancel the order. If the payment is completed, you can contact the person or company that received the money and request a refund.

Payments that are pending for more than 30 days are automatically canceled and returned. Preapproved payments must be canceled within 24 hrs of the next scheduled payment or your account will be charged.

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